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What's up guys! As Simple Sabermetrics continues to grow, I really enjoy taking time to have a conversation with you on what is coming next. My favorite thing about the community we are growing is the ability to interact with you all personally. Whether that is myself or one of the blog writers, seeing your comments on the YouTube page or replying to your Twitter DM's is something I've grown to love over the past few years.

In the past, I've done update videos like this on the YouTube - but I wanted to give this medium a try to see how it goes. The goal of this post is simple, to share with you the ideas we have for the future - but more importantly I want to hear what YOU want to see from us. For future videos, blog posts, or even something totally different! Simple Sabermetrics was created to give you an education on what changes are going on in baseball. So hearing your input on the things we have planned is incredibly beneficial - a ton of the most popular blogs and videos were initially inspired by messages or comments you all have sent in.

So today, we're going to cover a few topics covering our future plans including:

  • Future videos

  • Future blogs

  • New Ideas?

Future Videos
MLB Breakdowns

So this is something that we've chatted about time and time again, what new videos can you expect from the channel moving forward? Well, I've been loving making the MLB breakdowns for you all. It's so much fun to spend my time diving into what anomalies you can find while diving into Baseball Savant, Brooksbaseball and the likes. And the feedback I've seen from those videos have been incredibly positive!

Moving forward, my question for all of you is who do you all want to see next? It can be your favorite player, or a player who's stats intrigue you and you'd like a further breakdown of it. I do my best to do my own research of who may be interesting to dive into, and players like the daring duo of Kevin Gaussman and Logan Webb have done great. We've tackled deGrom, Kopech, Ohtani and even Grandal - all unique players in their own ways.

The inspiration behind these videos is to show off that the work I'm doing to discover potential real life applications of data is free and available to the public. It's also to attempt to teach what some of these simple concepts are used in a practical way. If you understand these breakdowns, you can hopefully turn that information towards your own career or your player's careers. And of course, the fun of it is seeing the behind the scenes information that is being used by your favorite teams to improve your favorite players.

So, let me know who (or what) you'd like to see moving forward from this category moving forward. Leave a comment here, tweet at me @SimpleSaberBSB or send me a DM!

Statistic and Metric Breakdowns

Because the MLB Breakdown videos have been so popular, we've only really sprinkled in some other videos recently. Breaking down an important statistic like Barrel% or Park Factors are great videos that pay tribute to the way the channel started, breaking down a single metric or statistic in an easy applicable way.

As we've moved through time, there becomes less of the more popular stats to tackle. I've covered many of the topics I can think of, but if there is something that you've been interested to see now is the time to let us know!

Other Ideas

From there, the doors are wide open. I've begun work on a project of showing off some of the daily work I'm doing with PSU, as well as some real life projects our managers are doing to put out in the future. I've received ideas such as MLB Umpire evaluation breakdowns, or even vlog style videos of myself traveling to spring training in an attempt to showing off what the baseball world looks like (a wild idea but something I've been putting more thought to recently).

Any suggestions are good suggestions here, I've mentioned a few future projects and I've been testing a ton of new video styles over the past year. Adapting to what you all want to see is part of being a creator! Like I said before, interacting with all of you about this stuff is what makes Simple Sabermetrics so special to me. So if you want to see any specific videos outside of the other topics feel free to reach out.

Future Blogs

This section is a little less about the future and more about evaluating the past. We've done a ton of different styled blogs here on the site. We are able to share a ton of different perspectives because of the different background all of the contributors bring to the table. Sam Bornstein does a phenomenal job sharing the more technical side of the game, while Demetre Kokoris is able to simplify biomechanics from his coaching experience. Ryan, Adam and Jake Kuruc have spent a ton of time in the game learning about the way collegiate and professional baseball run - and hopefully you've found their advice helpful.

On the blog, each contributor is continuing to find their niche and any feedback from you all would be great to understand what articles you've found the most beneficial. If you liked Sam's series on the Basics of R, let us know! If you want more from Adam on Gyrospin and pitch design, let us know! If Ryan and Jake can help provide more information on what it takes to find a job in this sport as your just getting started, (you guessed it) let us know!

Future Ideas
I don't want to restrict you to following up this post with what you've liked from what we've done in the past. At Simple Sabermetrics we have a ton of conversations on what we can do to continue to grow. Things like a weekly newsletter, or a podcast have been brought up in the past. If we were to start a podcast, what would you want to hear about? What guests would you want to hear from? And what would you want to hear from them? These are the ideas we'd love to hear your takes on!

The idea behind this page is to bring beginner's baseball content to the masses, to help you get started out in this industry. So please, let us know what you want to see next and we will add it to the queue.
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